Young At Heart Setters

DemiWhen deciding to adopt a rescue dog, most people choose a dog between the ages of 1 and 5. They realize that a puppy demands a lot of time and energy, and they worry that an older dog will be gone in a few short years. Before you decide on the age of your new family member, please consider the following:

HankExperienced rescue volunteers know that our Young At Heart Setters are especially appreciative of a loving home, and they usually readily adapt to the new family. They happily find the warm sunny spot in the house to rest and relax, confident that they are now safe and secure. But don't think that a Young At Heart Setter sleeps the day away! Setters will search for that bird or squirrel until the end of their days. Young At Heart Setters enjoy being outside and love to play. They can easily adapt to the family plan. If you want to snooze on the sofa, they are happy to join you, but if you want a hike in the woods, they are eager to go there too.

EmmaIf you really must have a younger dog, then please consider adopting TWO dogs, one younger and one Young At Heart! Most people agree that two dogs are not much more work than one. They keep each other company, and the older dog helps the younger dog learn the ropes while the younger dog keeps the older dog on his toes!

Please keep an open mind and an open heart when considering the age of rescue dogs available for adoption. Young At Heart Setters are special dogs, and those who adopt them are very special people.

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
~Sydney Jeanne Seward